Shincheonji Church to Hold Religious Seminar for Understanding the Fulfillment of Revelation


Due to the outbreak of COVID19, many cases of misunderstandings about the religious scriptures arise in relation to the interpretation of current issues. And they trigger political chaos, the oppression of minorities and social-human issues, as well as people who refuse to practice social distancing or vaccination in many parts of the world.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony, will host an online religious seminar entitled "Testimony on Prophecy and Revelation of Revelation, God's New Covenant." The seminar is organized by Shincheonji Church of Jesus, of which President Lee Man-Hee, head of the Church of Jesus Shincheonji represents as president, and will be from October 18th to December 27th, on Google Drive Link : Online Bible Seminar video clip with duration 3:35.

As a peace organization, the HWPL feels the need to raise awareness and introduce counterattacks to seek peaceful solutions. As part of the efforts, at the request of the Church of Shincheonji, the feasibility of introducing this event.. It was considered appropriate that the HWPL pursue peace through the elimination of religious conflicts based on the proper approach to understanding the religious texts. "The meaning of the prophecies (of Revelation) the fulfillment in reality according to the prophecy is what I am making known to churches all over the world today." Said Lee Man-Hee, The seminar "Testimony on Prophecy and the Fulfillment of Revelation, God's New Covenant" which began with the bold statement by President Man Lee of Church of Jesus Shincheonji, Tabernacle of Testimony Temple, is held from October 18th to December 27th , with lectures on the entire content of 22 chapters of the Apocalypse and what happened in reality. Regarding the purpose of the Revelation seminars as a book of the Bible that prophesied about the future of the Christian world with apocalyptic warnings after the first coming of Jesus, President Lee emphasized that he is doing according to the words of the Bible that is to give testimony concerning the churches” (Rev. 22:16) by “he who heard and saw” (Rev. 22:8). According to his explanation, the key to understanding the book of Revelation begins with the meaning of revelation, "Revelation means to open and show (what was previously sealed and hidden)", and there is a point in time when the prophecies recorded in past are fulfilled (revealed) in reality. In chapter 1 of Revelation, John (the apostle) sends Jesus' letters to the seven churches in Asia, which is described as one of the mysteries (Rev. 1:4, 1:20).


President Lee explained that the record of sending letters to the seven churches is a prophecy and will be fulfilled in reality at the time of Jesus' second coming. Consequently, the mysteries of the Bible cannot be known when the book of Revelation was written, but are known only to "he who heard and saw all the events of the book when the record of the prophecy comes true". President Lee's Revelation chapter 1 talk was watched by more than 300,000 people worldwide, including 5,000 pastors, on YouTube in two days. Since August, 25 African churches with more than 10,000 members have signed an MOU with the Church of Jesus Shincheonji.


According to Church of Jesus Shincheonji, 18 additional churches signed an MOU to understand this era and promote cooperation to promote faith development. The seminar video can be viewed on YouTube by searching for “Testimony on Prophecy and the Fulfillment of Revelation, God's New Covenant” or through the link [Apocalypse chapter 8] Shincheonji Online Seminar [Apocalypse Chapter 7] Shincheonji Online Seminar [Apocalypse chapter 6] Shincheonji Online Seminar [Revelation chapter 4~5] Shincheonji Online Seminar [Apocalypse chapter 2~3] Shincheonji Online Seminar [Revelation Chapter 1] Shincheonji Online Seminar


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Seminário Online Shincheonji

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[Apocalipse capítulo 8] Seminário Online Shincheonji

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